West Wind Blondes, Specializing in Polled Fullbloods and Purebreds
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Mission Statement:
"To produce the best Blonde seedstock possible, utilizing our cows,
our own bulls, and bulls identified as the leading performers of the breed."
BIO Bull Evaluation Centre at Stavely Alberta.West Wind Blondes is located in Southern Alberta near the Town of Stavely. From the living room you can see the Rocky Mountains and some awesome sunsets.

The operation has changed considerably due to the passing of its principal breeders, Shirley Bilton and Myrna Flesch. Shirley was presented with a "Lifetime Achievement Award" by the Canadian Blonde d'Aquitaine Association in the fall of 2015 for his work with the Blonde d'Aquitaine breed. At that time, they felt he was probably the oldest practising breeder in the world! Myrna passed away on June 26, 2020.

While breeding and selling live cattle across the United States and Canada, Shirley and Myrna concentrated on the use of EPDs as a tool in the selection process. Animals were culled for disposition, conformation, and performance. For several years, they sold their females and bulls totally by private treaty. All of the animals were parentage verified by DNA and now are being verified under the SNPS program (as required). The herd was completely tested for the 129 Robertsonian Translocation - one of the first herds in Canada to be so tested.

Currently, there are homozygous polled fullblood embryos for sale internationally, along with semen from several bulls with four of the bulls offered qualifying for the European market.

If you have any questions, please contact Gordon Carlson, Executor at 403-549-2403.
Contact West Wind Blondes by phone at 403-549-2403
WEST WIND BLONDES, Box 2773, Claresholm, Alberta, T0L 0T0 ... Phone 403-549-2403 ... E-Mail westwind@telusplanet.net
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